Just after playing games in the middle learning, Sejin requires if Youngmin is going domestic also

The newest partner need to think about Youngmin since an entire idiot if she told your something like you to, expecting your so you can forgive this lady. Afterwards meeting up with Youngmin, and you may curious as to the reasons he have overlooking his messages, Sejin moves to if or not things an excellent happened as to the reasons he try caught thus cheerfully where he featured extremely off has just. Happy to become talking to Junghye from inside the a group investment, Sejin believes like projects are good, he gets to get along with people he has got not really spoken to help you. Hearing Youngmin’s buddy is on its way over Sejin responses however, the guy do n’t have any family members except that himing across Jungwoo and you can inquiring who he’s, Sejin reports the guy must be Youngmin’s buddy.

Checking if he could be their pal, Sejin comments Jungwoo seems elderly, and whether he has a partner if the he’s who Youngmin mentioned before. Sejin believes Jungwoo is the buddy who had a spouse cheating towards him through getting inebriated and you can resting that have another person. Patting their shoulder and you will telling him to help you cheer up, having Jungwoo baffled Sejin thinks the guy should not features verbal so you can him but elaborates on how Youngmin told you Jungwoo’s partner got inebriated and you can slept which have other people. Clear it didn’t badmouth Jungwoo’s heading wife 321chat coupon, Sejin attempts to mitigate any ramifications the guy seems are about in order to emerge and you may asks which he please pretend he did not state all of that and then he is so sorry. Sejin thinks Jungwoo’s vision try frightening, and let’s say he has got a battle with Youngmin because of him.

Jungwoo’s Category Associate [ ]

Inside class which have Jungwoo she informs your they are able to however listen to your when he whispering toward cellular telephone. Beside him having a group venture she informs your to cease looking like they are likely to pretend to visit the new bathroom and you will escape rather, following adds he really usually do not wade early today, not if the guy gives them currency. Irrespective she together with other category participants are content to simply accept an offering of money. Later on she comments even in the event Jungwoo is missing kinds he however needs to do class works, upcoming asks whether Youngmin is the boy Jungwoo is actually matchmaking with seen a photo regarding him. With Jungwoo that have straightened their locks she claims the guy will not appear to be themselves. Fine with your making she seems he support because of the not carrying out things, along with the guy however lets her or him play with his family to enable them to manage their project.

Aggressive Son [ ]

Immediately following walking into Youngmin he criticized your which have considered hearsay the guy try taking part within the enjokousai. If this is a good gullible desire to just accept eg recommendations as correct, whatever the case the guy snacks Youngmin improperly because of it. He’s struck Youngmin over and over again and won’t tune in to what he is claiming. Taken ahold from by the Jungwoo, and you may of course he or she is one other son the guy believes it’s recommended to help you question when the he’s got zero shame and how could he do that so you can his children. Then he decides to call Jungwoo a classic boy. Just after becoming punched himself many times, and you may expected in the event the Jungwoo looks like an old boy he rejects it. Claiming this is because their vision is crappy, he’s disappointed.

Homeless Man [ ]

In the time when Youngmin has worked from inside the a store this kid joined and broke a bottle just before brandishing they within him. The guy needed Youngmin bring your alcoholic drinks. Like a work caused Jungwoo who approved by him in order to intervene thereby promote him alongside Youngmin. For his methods he was detained.

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